Welcome to The Maverick Multisport Team

In October, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed a link for Maverick Multisport soliciting applications for the 2017 age group team. As my friends and visitors to this site know, triathlon has become a large part of my life. On a whim, I applied to be a part of the Maverick team. I wasn’t sure what to expect and to be honest, was not expecting to be selected. Imagine my surprise when a few days ago I received a “welcome to the Maverick Multisport Team” email!

Welcome to The Maverick Multisport Team

Imagine my surprise when I read that email. Me. Yes, someone thought I was not only good enough to be on a selected team, but also could be entrusted with the confidence I would represent those brands sponsoring the team. Below is a list of all my new teammates.

Look Ma! I'm on a team now.
Look Ma! I’m on a team now.

New Team ColorsĀ for 2017

Obviously a new team means a new race kit. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my “old” teammates at Northeast Multisport. Without the support and motivation over the last two years I might not have stuck with triathlon and surely wouldn’t have pushed for my firstĀ 70.3 in 2015. Many of my Northeast teammates are among my closest friends and I’m deeply grateful for their friendship, guidance, and support. None of that will change for 2017. My biggest concern is since I won’t be in the orange and white of Northeast, who will take my race photos?

The good news is I expect the new team colors of Maverick Multisport to be red, white, and black…the same colors as my beloved bike. Sweet…matchy, matchy. At this point, I’ve posted my preliminary 2017 race calendar. I certainly look forward to meeting my new teammates, pushing harder in 2017, and improving on my performances. I’ll keep posting race reports, training updates, sponsor deals (if I can), and a full 2017 plan as well as other tidbits those have come to enjoy including my infatuation with technology.

Many thanks to the race director and the team organization as I’m humbled and honored to be a part of this journey and team. Thanks for reading!